Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mass. Grave

The chickens have come home to roost.

The utter stupidity by the Obama Administration is dwarfed only by those media hacks who believe Coakley's loss is because the country's gone more to the left.

The thing Obama still doesn't seem to get is his election was a bold action by Americans who, using politics as their mirror, wanted bold action in return. Meekly begging for a non-arriving bi-partisanship is not bold. Turning the bully pulpit over to Max Baucus is not bold. Talking tough to Wall Street bankers while giving them the gentlest of handjobs under the table is not bold. And away go your independents.

Running away from repealing DADT, caving in to Joe Lieberman, abandoning the public option, and ratcheting up the fighting overseas loses you the base. When the Democrats called over the weekend looking for my help, I said "Fuck 'em!" I can't fight beside those who don't, and I know I was far from alone. The White House has the names and numbers. Why don't they do a poll and see how many Dem volunteers sat this one out? I bet that'll open some eyes.

If the White House is dumb enough to move further to the right, they deserve the rout they'll encounter this Election Day.

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